BOO Brand Story and Mission Statement

Eco Living for the 21st century


Every minute, we buy one million plastic bottles. No wonder our plastics problem is littering our landfill and overpowering our oceans. Had enough? Us too.


Our Mission:

At BOO, we believe that we can end the plastics plague by using sustainable materials to create stylish, practical alternatives. It’s a win for you, and a win for our planet.


Our Materials:

Sustainable Steel

Stainless steel is a durable, non-toxic material. It has a low emissions footprint and is recyclable.

Our food-grade stainless steel drinks holders are as healthy for your insides as your surroundings. They’re antibacterial by nature and 100% BPA free.

Plus, they last for ages. No shattered plastic when you drop yours looking for your keys.


Choose bamboo

The real star of the show (and the origin of our name) is versatile, strong and renewable bamboo.

It packs in eco-friendly awesomeness at every stage:


Grow green

Bamboo grows fast. (Three feet in just 24 hours – phew!) It uses less water than other plants and needs no help from nasty fertilisers or pesticides.

Bamboo even helps our planet breathe. It releases 35 per cent more oxygen into the environment and absorbs more CO2 than hardwood trees.

Once harvested, low-maintenance bamboo just grows right back. No replanting, no rotating. Famously, even the atomic bomb in Hiroshima wasn’t enough to stop indestructible bamboo.

And it’s not just the planet and our lungs that are smiling. Your BOO products are ethically produced by a team who enjoy good working conditions and receive fair wages.


No more waste

Once it’s in your bag or on your desk, your BOO product will just keep on saving the planet. All you gotta do is sip.

Every time you use it, you’re preventing one more bottle from ending up in our oceans. Our products are built to last and last, maximising this eco-magic.

Shine on, green hero.


Leave no trace

Unlike plastic, the components that make our products are renewable. Steel is recyclable, bamboo is biodegradable.


Our Expert Chefs

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